Social Media Manager

Hire us to manage your social media . It’s not just about positing, It’s about your identity you create for yourself online. Your reputation are at stake, so do take it seriously.

Trusted over 250+ Organizations & Professional
How we Manage

Social media is an integral part of our lives now and it impacts one’s life in every aspect. Managing the social media is a tough task  when it comes to creating an impact. 

Client persona & social media audit

The first and foremost thing is we do is understand and analyze business segment of the client. And then as per their niche we evaluate their social media. This helps us to know the client persona and build social media strategy around it

Brand communication & Engagement

Social media is most effective tool to build brand and its perception among people. As your social media manager we handle brand communication and drive engagement to your platform for better brand recognition of your niche market.

Promotion & Leads

As your social media manager we understand the importance of promotion and lead generation for you business. Our Growth strategy and performance marketing enables your business to get maximum customers.

Pricing Plans

We have tried our best to  create Affordable packages as per our client growth requirement on social media platforms.


49500 / Per month
  • Covers all social media platforms*
  • Growth strategy framework
  • Public relations management
  • Content Development*
  • Lead generation*
  • Includes Ad budget for promotion*